About Connectingcare

ConnectingCare secure messaging is a fast convenient way for healthcare providers and community service agencies to securely exchange electronic referrals, service requests, feedback, care coordination plans and more.

Telstra Health is pleased to announce that ConnectingCare.com is now a national product which can be used across Australia to facilitate secure messaging between a wide variety of health, medical and community service providers.

For further information please check out the ConnectingCare pages at Telstra Health website .

What's New?

User Guides

The following guides will assist users to search and send, receive and acknowledge, and maintain service information. In addition there is an abridged user guide on searching and sending for existing users.

ConnectingCare HelpDesk

If you require technical assistance for a particular matter, please email the HelpDesk via connectingcare@health.telstra.com, or call (business hours) 1800 952 232.

On-Site Training

If your organisation is looking for on-site training for staff in the use of ConnectingCare, please contact our HelpDesk (1800 952 232 or connectingcare@health.telstra.com) to discuss your requirements. Our Accounts Management staff will clarify your needs and provide a quotation.

Contact Us

If you have an enquiry about ConnectingCare, or wish to log a Support Request, please contact the HelpDesk via:

Phone: 1800 952 232(business hours)
Email: connectingcare@health.telstra.com (recommended for Support Requests)